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You're probably here because you somehow do not know where else to go.

Maybe you're desperate or in one of those dead ends that life sometimes holds for us humans. Perhaps mental or physical suffering plagues you. Or you have touched upon a somehow enigmatic point that has suddenly shaken your inner order or threatens to have it decomposed over time. Maybe you are exhausted from trying not to lose your mind completely. You might also be facing new challenges in your studies, at work or in your private life, and you don't know how to tackle them.

In any case, you might realize that you are looking for something or someone – otherwise, you would not be here.

Placing one's bet on the unconscious

"What actually takes place in psychoanalysis, no one knows except the ones who do one [...]

Who is not in analysis knows at least jokes about it, and these jokes shape the general idea of analysis [...]

The real joke about the jokes, however, is that it really works just like the jokes describe. But the biggest joke of all is that it actually works. »
[Iris Hanika ~ Die Wette auf das Unbewusste]